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Current work - statement

Too much gloss - too much fine-tuning - too much surface - too much superficial sheen - too much polish
Not enough blemish - not enough imperfection - not enough foible - not enough fallibility - not enough spit
Masses of potential - loads of opportunities - plentiful solutions - permutations galore but not enough risk……and not enough spit

The spit I refer to has something to do with immediacy and uncertainty, spit which embeds itself somehow during the doing of drawing and is revealed through the act of drawing and in the drawing. It has something to do with residue or evidence left behind during this process - something to do with mess

Computing applications seldom accommodate residue, slippage, spillage, accident, smudge, or the bits one might expect to have to deal with, possibly to exclude when working with other media, those bits one has not yet noticed, but might with further consideration acknowledge as integral to the drawing or doing. This is what I’m after. In recent drawings I have been preoccupied with flesh, fur and floral as subject matter

In some of the images shown on this site, I am using recorded photographic evidence of human form, close-up photographs of parts of the body images that are unrecognisable to the uninquisitive eye. They are extensions of my physically orientated visual thoughts and notions

They involve using the body - photographing the body - layering the body - revealing new bodies - strange bodies - impossible bodies - foreign bodies

In submitting to the strictures of the digital environment - by allowing the pixilated grid to play a fundamental role within the work via the various constructed meshes, visual anomalies reveal themselves. Spit perhaps…… The melding of individual layers offers surprising results through the embedding of similar but different areas of colouration and identity. The work is a result of a precarious but essential balancing act between knowing and not knowing. I try to explore possibilities particular and peculiar to drawing within the digital realm as opposed to the imitation of manual technologies - exploration as opposed to replication. I am searching for digital spit. I hope then to maintain those spit levels, to cultivate more spit and not to get lost in the shine


Ink on canvas, 62insx62ins

Copyright © 2004 A Eames

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