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2008 Writing on Drawing
Embedded Drawing - an exploration of the drawing of Michael Kidner, with the Drawing Research Network, published by Intellect Books
Twelve essays plus illustrations. A landmark book consolidating the emerging discipline of drawing research. 'Writing on Drawing' presents a collection of essays by leading thinkers, drawing makers and drawing researchers. It reveals the power of drawing in assisting us to think, see, understand, question and offer conjecture to the issues that confront us today. It aims to set a provocative agenda for drawing research and practice.
Contributors - Deanna Petherbridge, Stephen Farthing, Howard Riley, Ernst van Alphen, Terry Rosenberg, James Faure Walker, Richard Talbot, Angela Anning, Angela Eames and Steve Garner.

Between the lines of contemporary art
An exhibition in book form, this showcase of the best of drawing now features one hundred works by almost fifty artists including Susan Hauptman, Paul Noble, Jeff Gabel, Tracey Emin, Jane Harris, Julia Fish, Cornelia Parker and Jerwood Drawing Prize winner Sarah Woodfine. Carefully 'curated' with many new drawings specifically commissioned for the volume, the book also includes an Introduction by the Editors which lays out the themes underpinning this diverse and exciting selection of work. With a revival of interest in drawing in recent years, "Drawing Now" is a timely collection of the work of artists intent on giving a contemporary twist to the most traditional of forms.
Edited by Downs, Marshall, Selby, Sawdon and Tormey

2004 Pixelraiders 2
Sheffield Hallam University
Applied, visual, performance artists and designers are using digital technologies for new processes, virtual materials, exhibition, performance and creative strategies. A culture of cross-disciplinary material and digital process is evolving through a range of departments in creative education. This challenges commentary and understanding about hybrid practices that integrate physical, virtual and screen based making. PixelRaiders 2 explores the issues, discourse and reflective practice at the heart of digital making. This international refereed conference follows up the highly successful one day Pixel Raiders symposium held in March 2002 at London's Victoria and Albert Museum. The conference seeks to promote new discourses and perspectives around some critical questions, including:
How does the artist and the commentator communicate hybrid practices?
In what ways do new technologies enhance the collaborative nature of practice, presentation and performance?
How does the digital workspace impact on practice?
Should technology and technique become invisible?

2003 Drawing the Process - Conference at Kingston University
Works selected for exhibition travelling to: Loughborough University, Birmingham Art Gallery, Birmingham, The Chapel Gallery, St Helens, The Hot Bath Gallery, Bath, Clifford Fisher, Gallery, Exeter
Jigsaw_drawing and technophobia. Digital prints on rigid plastic, each 32ins x 46ins

2002 Focus Upon Drawing
National College of Art and Design Dublin
'Focus on Drawing', Symposium attached to an exhibition of drawings from artists and designers teaching at NCAD, LIT and Crawford College of Art & Design, shown at: Limerick City Art Gallery, Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork and National College of Art & Design, Dublin

2002 TRACEY online journal
Too Much Polish and Not Enough Spit (or my own attempts to eliminate excess polish and keep hold of the spit)
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2001 Seeing Drawing
Research Fellow attached to ITRDU, The London Institute
BAFTA and BIMA nominated interactive DVD on drawing. Launched with the exhibition - Joining the Dots
Preface to the accompanying catalogue

2001 Seeing Drawing interview with Angela Eames
Article - Simon Townley

2001 CADE
Middlesborough University

2001Drawing Colloquium
Glasgow School of Art
The International Drawing Research Institute was established in 2000. It is an international collaboration between The Glasgow School of Art, the Central College of Fine Art at the University of New South Wales in Sydney and the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing. Its aim is to explore both similarities and differences in drawing practice between different cultures throughout the world

1998 Drawing Across Boundaries
Loughborough University
This symposium set out to take a critical look at the nature and value of drawing activity across a broad range of contemporary art and design activity. The event brought together leading international practitioners and theorists within the visual arts in a forum with practitioners from other professions, such as design and psychology, with differing practical, operational and technical interests in the activity. Presentations on drawing activity gave the opportunity for identification and clarification of significant factors occurring across a range of practice
The background to the project was the expectation that there were more substantial motives underlying current interest in the activity of drawing than curatorial curiosity or expediency, or pedagogic conservatism. The symposium built upon activities focusing on drawing within UK art education and exhibition making bodies during the 1990's, such as The National Touring exhibitions Primacy of Drawing and Drawing the Line, and symposia organised by the RCA, Cheltenham, Huddersfield and Ipswich. Against a context of an increasing use of digital imaging techniques and a technological remove from the 'hands on' of cognitive tools like drawing, it was thought that the interest from a drawing sector might signal something of more significance in terms of the operational engagement between world, mind and body. There was an interest in exploring drawing activities as part of working processes, not only in art & design, but also in science, technology and other disciplines - the aim being to tackle one of the core activities from many angles

1993 With No Opinion
Lanchester Gallery: Exhibition of work by Angela Eames - Extract from an interview with Darrell Viner


Ink on canvas, 62insx62ins

Copyright © 2004 A Eames

Catalogue Introduction:
"Rock Steady - the pleasing geometries of Angela Eames", by Michael Benson

DRAWING NOW - Between the lines of contemporary art, available through
Four drawings illustrated - Making_it_up_charcoal, biro, ink and graphite

Article on the work of Angela Eames by Eliza Gluckman

Pixelraiders 2:
What is new work that is inherently out of sight?

Drawing as Process Conference 2003:

NCAD/Glasgow School of Art 2002:
Where as opposed to what is drawing now?

Launch of Seeing Drawing DVD 2001:
Joining the Dots - catalogue preface

Seeing Drawing DVD 2001:
Simon Townley interviews Angela Eames

CADE 2001:
Five Easy Steps to Computing
(Or what not to do when using computers)

Drawing Across Boundaries 1998:
From Drawing to Computing and Back Again

With No Opinion 1993:
Darrell Viner interviews Angela Eames

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