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Stories written in relation to earlier works

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1998 A Smile on the Surface of Matter
Jean Francois Lyotard - The sun, our earth and your thought, will have been no more than a spasmodic state of energy
an instant of established order, a smile on the surface of matter in a remote corner of the cosmos
A new work came about. Four crystal glasses and four plastic cups. She thought it over. No - four crystal glasses and one plastic cup
After all if you've seen one plastic cup - you've seen them all

1997 Wool-winding
Works carried out using an Amiga with low resolution. The wool-winding takes place in two dimensions. Thinking about the composition of the line. Wondering whether wool might be manufactured from unlikely materials.....Jumpers are made from shaped sheets of woollen line
The line itself has three-dimensionality. Fancy that, she thought, we all wear drawings. How could she explore the computing environment and wind her balls of wool?

1993 Canned RED, Canned GREEN, Canned BLUE and RED can, GREEN can, BLUE can
Works carried out using an Amiga with very low resolution in today's terms. Thinking about illusion and wondering about containment and reversal
It seemed to her that it might be interesting to open up any can of worms that came her way despite warnings to the contrary
Worms being worms would surely just wriggle their way out of the can and be on to doing worm-like things

1993 Sample RED, Sample YELLOW, Sample BLUE
Vladimir Nabokov said ‘the future is but the obsolete in reverse’, the obsolete holds the key to the future
We must excavate our path forward from yesterday’s remains
A stitch in time saves nine - an orthodox and prudent approach but one extolling the virtues of conservation not creative practice
Was she being entirely dispassionate in her judgments or were these musings the issue of once-bloodied fingers

1993 Divide and Rule
Works carried out using an Amiga with low resolution. Thinking about acts of violence, opening doors and screw you
Divide and Rule came about as a result of reflecting upon implements which might both enable and/or disable, either directly or indirectly
Knife, key and corkscrew. Each item is open to usage and abusage

1992 Pacifier/pacified
Works carried out using an Amiga with low resolution. Thinking about anthropology, sociology and conditioning
The mothers' desperation was unmistakable and usually indicated by explicit language - 'fucking shut up', 'if you don't fucking shut it I'll.....'
It struck her that Americans use the term pacifier to describe this curious little rubber object

Sample R

Sample R (one of three)
digital print on paper, 30insx30ins

4 crystal glasses and 1 plastic cup:
blood, milk, oil and water

thread, matter, mobius strips and where they come from

Red can, Green can, Blue can:
pandora's box, opening cans of worms, collapsing three dimensional space

Red, yellow and blue samplers:
cross-stich, sewing, codes of practice and Nabokov

Divide and rule:
projections, germany, knife, key and corkscrew

children, dummies and growing up with language

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